Top funniest sport moments

Top funniest sport moments

Tel Aviv closed down: Bezeq lost 3%, golf plummeted after bad reports

Bank Leumi reports first-quarter profit jump to NIS 1.092 billion • Today there will be no trading in the US due to Memorial Day, and Wall Street trading will open only tomorrow

Trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange closed on the red territory, awaiting a call from the Wall Street markets closed today. The TA-35 index shed 0.25%, the Tel Aviv 90 index fell 0.6%, while the Banks Index climbed 0.5%, led by Bank Leumi, which rose 1.4% after the financial statements.

Azrieli lost 2.5%, Bezeq fell more than 3% to a 5 year low, Teva rose 2%, and Perrigo climbed 0.5%

The total trading turnover on the stock market totaled NIS 997 million.

The second trading day of this week on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is conducted in the red territory, with the leading indices losing 0.3% of their value.

Leumi share

(2,485 + 1.39%)

Rose 1.7% after the release of this morning’s reports

(1,411 -1.81%)

Loses about 1%. ICL

(1,931 -0.46%)

Is down 1.3%, Israel Corporation

(85,000 -1.51%)

Losing 1.7%. Bezeq share

(245.4 -3.16%)

Falling 2.4%, and Nice shares

(49,040 -0.63%)

Loses about 1%.

Golf stock

(215.2 -8.39%)

Drops 8% after the publication of the reports, which revealed a loss of NIS 15 million in the first quarter.

Bitfarms share

(311.5 + 14.65%)

Jumps 10%, with the Bituquin jumping 12% to an annual high of around $ 8,800.

The cannabis sector is notable for declines in trading with the share of Canvite

(1,034 -10.01%)

Drops by 9%, InterCure

(770 -6.21%)

Falls by 7%, Amir Marketing

(3,858 -3.04%)

Losing 2.5%.

Among the shares of the TA-35 index, on the negative side is the Bezeq share

(245.4 -3.16%)

Is down about 4% and is close to a 5 year low before the reports are released tomorrow. The share of its controlling shareholder, Communications Communications

(513.00 -4.65%)

Decreases by about 4%. In the background of trading, B Communications today reported an urgent request to the court for approval of the company’s capital increase.


35 Azrieli shares stand out on the negative side of Tel Aviv

(21,040 -2.50%)

And Melisron

(18,150 -1.84%)


The results of the first quarter of Hapoalim

(2,700 + 0.75%)

And international

(9,160 + 1.16%)

Will be presented later this week, after Discount

(1,411 -1.81%)

And Mizrachi Tefahot

(7,832 + 0.15%)

Have already posted positive results for the quarter last week.

Strauss stock

(9,591 + 0.78%)

It concentrates a larger than usual trading cycle, without reporting by the company.

One Technology

(18,810.00 + 2.56%)

Reported an agreement to acquire 70% of the shares of a technology company for NIS 21 million.

A negative trend was recorded in trading in corporate bonds, and trading in government bonds recorded a similar trend.

In the background of recent trading, investors have once again raised concerns about the consequences of the ongoing US-China trade war, which has raised the level of volatility in trading in the markets.

“Global stock markets have been exhibiting higher volatility since early May, mainly because of the looming trade war over all stock markets and concerns about their implications for the real economy,” Harel Finance said in its weekly review.


“In contrast to the rest of the world, the Israeli stock market is showing good performance from the world in recent months, supported by a strong economy, low interest rates and more affordable pricing than the rest of the world,” Harel Finance said.

Harel Finances noted that the end of the financial statements season for the first quarter of the year is expected to affect the market this week, and that the companies “are expected to stand out in the financial sector as insurance companies are expected to present better than usual quarterly reports.”

It is also estimated that volatility will continue to characterize the bond market, albeit at various levels, and accordingly believe that “holding bonds to maturity provides a good solution for investors who are concerned about the rise in volatility.”

Harel Finance believes that “the corporate indices are attractive for most of the ratings, and most of the bonds are traded at a higher margin than they were in the past two years, but not all of them.”

The trading turnover amounts to NIS 600 million at this time.

The gains recorded earlier in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange were erased. The TA-35 index was unchanged, the TA 90 rising 0.16% and the Banks index 0.8%.

Golf stock

(215.2 -8.39%)