skynx - tips for investmnets

skynx – tips for investmnets


The share of the skynx chip company, which loses more than 2%, is notable for declines in the CPI index. The Nikkei is up, led by Fast Retailing

(66,060 + 0.55%)

And Softbank Corp

(10,090 -5.30%)



The Trump government announced yesterday that it is temporarily easing the restrictions on China’s Wavi Corporation, one day after reports of a suspension of business relations between US technology companies and the Chinese company. The US government announced that it would allow Wavai to continue to purchase goods manufactured in America to preserve existing networks and offer software updates to existing devices. The easing is valid until August 19, but the Commerce Department said it would review the extension. The Chinese company will still be banned from buying American components to produce new products without a license – which it apparently will not be able to receive. According to US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, the purpose of the easing is to allow companies relying on Wavai’s equipment to prepare for the new restrictions, while Google announced yesterday that it will continue to work with Chinese Waui in the next 90 days.


At the same time, tension over the US-China trade war continues, and Chinese President Xi Jinping said yesterday that there will be no end to the tension in the near future.



ECB President Mario Draghi is due to deliver a speech at 10:30 today. Draghi’s term is expected to end in about five months.


In terms of macro data, the British consumer price index for April will be published today at 11:30. Estimates are that the index will be 4.2% annualized. In the afternoon, crude oil inventories will be published in the US, which is expected to fall by 599,000 barrels. In the evening, the Federal Reserve’s rules will be published in the last interest rate decision, in which they decided to leave the interest rate unchanged.


Teva shares

(11.54 -2.70%)

Rose yesterday by 3.22% on the back of a report on a Spanish website that investor Warren Buffett is promoting with the investment bank Credit Suisse a merger between Teva and Milan. Meilan stock

(19.65 -0.10%)

Added about 1.3%.