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5 stocks to buy


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The pressure on Wall Street continues. Leading indexes are losing ground on fears of escalating the war on trade after US technology giants announced their severing ties with Chinese wavi. The Nasdaq index is losing 1.2%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average is losing only 0.3%, while the VIX index, which jumped earlier by 8%, is now only 2%, indicating that the fear has weakened slightly against the first trading hours.


Qualcomm stock

(76.62 -5.99%)

Falling by 5.4%, and Western Digital

(41.95 -6.00%)

Decreases in a similar rate, dark

(183.09 -3.13%)

Loses 3.5% in the shadow of a negative reference from the HSBC investment bank, according to which the problems in the company will not be resolved in the near future; Micron Technology

(34.62 -3.99%)

Down 3% and American Airlines

(30.96 -2.46%)

Decreases by about 2%.


“Investors are waiting for the development of negotiations between the US and China, with significant news not expected by the end of June,” said Rinat Ashkenazi, director of index research at Kesem Funds and ETF of Excellence. Despite the uncertainty, the developed markets have shown some stability, but the money continues to flow to the insurers’ shores, and the Fed executives are promising to examine the implications of the caps on growth and inflation, while stressing that technological development is preventing inflation from accelerating.

Trading in European stock exchanges was locked in the red territory, in the shadow of the negative sentiment on Wall Street. The German Dax lost 1.6%, the CAC dropped by a similar rate and the British Putsi lost 0.5%.


On Wall Street, trading is under pressure, with Nasdaq losing 1.3% and the VIX index rising 4%.




Wall Street’s leading indexes are trading in price declines in the shadow of the trade war, with reports that Google, Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm and Xilinx have announced severing ties with Chinese company Wavi following Trump’s presidential decree.

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