Blockkin tech

Blockkin tech


If ventures fail to build critical mass or produce real value for participants quickly, they may fail. This does not mean that long-term projects should be avoided. Bold ideas that introduce new sources of income can create new systems and generate higher returns over time.


  1. The influence of the network

The value of a platform on depends on its ability to attract a user core – and vice versa, to produce a de facto platform for an industry, function, or group. In order to generate an initial critical mass, a consortium of resources is needed to attract and attract participants.


A potential investor needs to know who are the key stakeholders and their role on the platform, is there a clear leader with sufficient resources, is there sufficient potential value to drive the enterprise and incentives to attract other stakeholders, and are the different users able to collaborate over time?

  1. Risk assessment

Already, platforms and applications in the Blockkin field are changing to meet different needs related to speed, security and distribution.


Three factors will drive the continued evolution of technology: existing players in the industry, who will improve their algorithms; Companies that will adapt existing platforms to their unique needs; And new companies that will develop creative approaches to use in Blockkin.


Apart from the technology itself, regulation may become a major player, especially in heavily regulated sectors such as the financial sector. How simple or difficult would regulation be? This has a critical weight on the impact on investment.


The effect of Blocchain on an existing portfolio

In addition, in order to understand the effects of technology on the future of assets in an investment portfolio, investors should ask themselves the following questions:


Is the effect of blockbain on investment positive or negative, from a value engineering perspective (ie, the ability to reduce development or production costs)?

What businesses are at risk from the technology?

How will Lockchine strengthen the business model of a particular company?

Which group of assets and investments will create a synergetic investment portfolio?

We believe that investors should be wary of cryptographic currencies, since no valuation has yet been proved.


Although Lockchein is a young technology, it is reasonable to assume that no investment portfolio will be completely immune to its effects. Therefore, investors should continue to monitor their current and potential holdings to see where they can profit and where to hedge their investments.

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