info about Blockkin

info about Blockkin


Your portfolio is exposed to Blockkin? Some things to know

Although Lockcine is a young technology, it is reasonable to assume that no investment portfolio will be completely immune to its effects. Any investment in the field requires an early examination of the potential value and risk assessment. The experts of the Boston Consulting Group global consultants outline guidelines for successful navigation in the innovative field

In many respects, the blockcane resembles the Internet in the era. In both cases, these are emerging technologies with enormous potential, which are all about similar questions: how can monetization be done for applications for markets that do not yet exist? What needs will they answer? Which applications will be valuable? And which companies in our portfolio are threatened by the same ventures?


BlockChain is a distributed database that, unlike traditional data repositories managed by one party, distributes ownership over the entire network and authorized users. All records on it are duplicated, saved, and automatically verified on each of the servers that are connected to it. Its unique features enable users to locate and track each item, at any point, time and place. The simultaneous syncing of the servers allows for constant validation of the source and authenticity of the information about it – which simplifies processes like tracking shipments and completing transactions.

However, most of the scenarios are still hypothetical, and we are in the early stages of examining the Blockkin applications. Investors interested in the field must consider the following points.


  1. Focus on the value

The Blockkin applications that are expected to succeed in the near future are those that will yield concrete financial returns for individuals and organizations, will enable them to reduce costs, streamline and reduce uncertainty.