Best Star Wars Gifts

Best Star Wars Gifts

Star Wars Gifts 16 Millennium Falcon Guitar Pick

Millennium Falcon Guitar Pick

Pretend you’re Brian May by playing the Imperial March atop Naboo’s Theed Royal Palace while strumming your axe with a Millennium Falcon guitar pick. Nice low cost Star Wars gift idea.

Star Wars Gifts 17 Giant Poster

Giant Poster

Big is beautiful, so spruce up your living room/man cave/study/studio with this eight-piece giant poster. Its full size is 168 x 59.4cm/66 x 23.4 inches and it’s printed on high quality 250gms thick Satin paper. As it says on the instructions with any droid you buy from Ikea – some assembly required.

Star Wars Gifts 18 Lightsaber Dive Sticks

Lightsaber Dive Sticks

These are lightsaber dive sticks. No we didn’t know what a dive stick was either. But they light up underwater. You lob them into pools then encourage Younglings to dive for them and learn to swim. Hopefully.

Star Wars Gifts 19 Millennium Falcon Cutting Board

Millennium Falcon Cutting Board

Perfect for when you’re preparing gungans and dianoga for that seafood stew – the Millennium Falcon cutting board.

Star Wars Gifts 20 Pancake Molds

Star Wars Pancake Molds

If you buy these Star Wars pancake molds then get a whole of you together to cook and flip the pancakes at the same time, you can recreate dogfight scenes from the film in batter.

Star Wars Gifts 21 Umbrella

Star Wars Gift Ideas: Umbrella

If you’ve got a business trip to Dagobah or Kamino you’re going to need this Star Wars brolly.

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