A Palestinian girl with a Kalashnikov rifle, amid Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza City Human Diversity

29 Photographs showing the breathtaking Human Diversity

The human diversity is so eye-catching that you never probably could imagine Naturally, the human race is diverse in many ways – color, characteristics, morality, social system, even humor. Eventually, our passion and profession, success and struggle, sadness and happiness are also diverse and unique for each and every individual. That’s why when someone breaks […]

A Wave Strikes An Elephant Seal Pup, South Georgia Island Photo Contest

Spectacular finalists of 12th Smithsonian Photo Contest

Enjoy the mesmerizing photos from Smithsonian Photo Contest 2014 Smithsonian Photo Contest, started 13 years ago by the Smithsonian magazine to be held annually, is a prestigious photography competition that attracts thousands of photographers around the world. In the last year alone, over 26,000 photographs were submitted for the contest from 93 different countries. So […]

Wood Sculptures

Lifelike wood sculptures of human by Peter Demetz

These unbelievable wood sculptures look so real Humans are capable of many things, except giving life to other human beings. However, to cover up that limitation, their artists and sculptors, blacksmiths, all tried to give live to some other lifeless materials. We have seen blacksmiths giving life to steel bolt, we have seen realistic wax […]

Lake Titicaca Pier travel Paradise

Travel Bolivia, if you want to travel Paradise!

These stunning photographs of Bolivian travel Paradise will remove all your hesitation In the spiritual continent of South America, there is a landlocked country named Bolivia. The superlative natural beauty, the fearsome mountain tracks, the ambiance of mystic colors in the air, the awesome people of a genuinely unique culture – all combines astonishingly to […]

Dancing reflection (age 12) Little Underwater Dancers

Little Underwater Dancers series captures adorable personalities of Children

These Little Underwater Dancers will blow you away Children are awesome, thanks to their seemingly illogical, but highly adorable personalities. They amuse us, irritate us, or adds color to our miserable life in their very own innocent way. That’s why many photographers like to capture children, whether in a traditional or innovative way. Photographer Alix […]