Before & After – The Coolest Movie Special Effects

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Before the days of computers, filmmakers used all sorts of ingenious tricks to get their dazzling special effects – miniature models, trick photography, dramatic makeup. These days, with the advent of CGI and other amazing techniques, filming a movie looks very different than it once did. Check out these amazing behind the scenes photos from some of your favorite movies to see how the filmmakers created the magical moments seen on film!

Click through to see the super cool special effects from movies like Harry Potter, X-Men, and 300, plus some TV shows we bet you love. Also, there’s a great video you shouldn’t miss at the end!

before & after

The Avengers (2012)

before & after the avengers

Who’d have thought that the crumbling city behind them was just a green screen, and that the Hulk was just a guy in a lot of motion sensors?

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