The Big Lebowski: Trivia, Little Known Facts, and Great Stories!

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Heir to a Fortune

the big lebowski - check

The Dude is famously broke. In the first scene where he’s writing out a check for $.69, the date is September 11, 1991, but on a TV in the store, George H. Bush is delivering his famous “This aggression will not stand!” speech, which was given on August 5, 1990, indicating that the Dude is so poor he needed to post-date his check for .69 cents for a full year! In his backstory, (which was written in the original draft but was subsequently dropped), he is meant to be a descendent of the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube, and living off of the royalties of that.

Does The Dude really say “Dude” THAT much? See the next page for the surprising answer.

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